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How To Order?

how to order

1) Let us know your choice by copying and pasting the picture link location or send it by attachment in email.

2) Inform the number of pieces required alongwith their size and other necessary details.

3) Mention the country where delivery is required and also pls inform whether you require stitched suits or unstitched suits.

4) Send it to: in order to get confirmation from our side and the total billed amount info.

How can I copy and Paste the Picture link location?
Please put your mouse pointer on the picture of your choice and press the right click button. Then click on “Copy Shortcut” or “Copy Link Location”. Now paste this shortcut in the message you are writing to us in order to get more details and price info.

Alternatively you can also right click on the picture and save the picture on your desktop or any other folder. Now attach these pictures in the email message and send it to us.


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