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How To Pay?

  • Western Union: (Worldwide):

When paying through Western Union, pay in the name of “Mariam Ishaq” (Karachi, Pakistan)

  • Name: Mariam
  • Last Name: Ishaq.
  • Address: D-287, Block-1, F.B.Area.
  • City: Karachi.
  • Country: Pakistan.
Send us the following information as soon as you are done with the payment:
  • The Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) from your receipt.
  •  Sender’s first and last names.
  •  City and country the money was sent from.
  •  The amount that was sent (as mentioned in your invoice).
  • Cash On Delivery (Karachi).

Cash on Delivery service is only available to the customers in Karachi for now. Outside Karachi customers should pay using other methods. Simply need to pay in cash to our rider when he delivers the order at your doorstep.

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